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Executive Services

Executive Services

The success of our firm is due to the leverage of our business experience. Our consultants have developed their executive consulting services and skills through decades of business dialogue with owners, CFOs and business leaders. Financial stability and growth require tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge. Donna Moffett and her associates have delivered those skills to their clients and exceeded their expectations each and every day for over three decades.

Small & Midsize Business Consulting

Our clients are able to tap into financial consulting resources that are more robust than ordinary accounting services. The success of our clients is evidence that strategic financial planning and financial analysis produce positive results.

  • Business Plans and Executive Summaries
  • Business Health Assessments by Professional Business Consultants
  • Closely Held Business Strategies
  • Procurement of Funding and Lines of Credit
  • Employee Performance Analysis
  • Crisis Management
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Vendor Selection
  • 3rd Party Requirements Planning

Full Life Cycle Financial Planning

Our business consultants have weathered the economic struggles and shared in the success stories for a huge diversity of businesses. Our business advisors have been available for business owners as they moved from business start-ups to retirement planning.

  • Start-Up Services and Tax Advice
  • Choice of Entity Decisions
  • Accounting and Tax Analysis
  • Transition Planning
  • Litigation Support
  • Asset Protection
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Succession Planning
  • Exit Strategies
  • Economic Emergency Strategies

Forward Thinking Tax Planning

Any good accounting consultant knows the current tax rules and regulations but there are a handful of insightful strategists that go beyond those basic boundaries. Donna Moffett is one of those forward thinking business leaders. She and a select few stay on top of current market strategies, national and international market trends and cutting edge tax advantages. Our consultants have the ability to juggle numerous strategic initiatives in an environment rife with new regulations, changing technology and constant demands to streamline systems and cut costs.

  • Tax Projections
  • Transaction Strategies
  • Complex Tax Analysis and Structure Planning
  • Tax Advice for Wealth Building

Compliance Planning

When you are playing at this level of the game, you want an experienced accounting consultant on your side. Donna Moffett and her associates offer low risk solutions for compliance. They are uniquely qualified to spot the red flags before you see them.

  • Legal Compliance
  • Multi Jurisdiction Compliance Planning & Reporting
  • Minimize Tax Liability
  • Tax Controversy Resolution

Business Projections

If you are reading this section of our website, chances are you are a business owner. You share the common knowledge that without careful planning costs accelerate exponentially. Eliminate costly mistakes by testing, fine tuning and visualizing business decisions before you make them. Donna Moffett excels in real-time business financial planning.

  • Evaluate Business Opportunities
  • Analyze ROI of Acquisitions
  • Restructuring Plans
  • Quarterly Performance Projections
  • Business Valuations

Executive Partner Technology Services

Take advantage of our technology offerings for business executives.

After Hours Accounting Services
We have staff members that work when you work. If you have a busy schedule, or an office that cannot shut down to transfer critical path data, please take advantage of our “After Hours Service”.

Remote Service
No travel time, no interruptions and secure data transfers are just a few of the benefits of using our remote technology. We can evaluate your books and records or make strategic adjustments without disturbing your work flow. Call our office to find out more …. 704-895-7181.